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If you came here from the demo page, you should be viewing this page through the MINSE PolyMediator. Otherwise, select this link to activate Ping's MINSE PolyMediator (PMPM).

Select this link to view the source of the section below and see how simple it is to include these mathematical expressions. You can do this in your own documents today!

(Don't use the "View Source" function of your browser to look at this page if you are already viewing it with the PolyMediator; that will only give you the fully-expanded, presentation-dependent expressions, and a headache. You only need to put in your documents the kind of thing you see via the link above. The example expressions arbitrarily use infix operator or compound notation to show the possibilities; you can use either.)

To try typing in your own expressions, visit the test script.

Here are some examples of the kind of output that this implementation produces (you can render them to text or graphics).

We could hardly leave out the famous equation

, could we?

One can express logical statements such as

 as well.

Here's a try at summation:


Some Greek and a quotient:


In the source, note the use of the underscore for the unary negation operator. Also, 'e and 'i are written as compounds rather than just letters, to indicate that they have their special definitions.

The following example demonstrates that this renderer understands precedence:


The renderer can now display multiple conditions under large operators! Have a look at this:


Recently, the ability to draw radical signs like

has been added.  You can also

if you want...

Finally, a rather arbitrary mess, just for fun.


Please feel free to send me your thoughts about this proposal!

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