Shad Valley Pointers

To find out about Shad Valley, you might want to have a look at some of the sites below. Shad Valley is run by the Canadian Centre for Creative Technology (soon to be on the WWW) who claims it is "Canada's premier engineering and entrepreneurship program". But the truth sounds nowhere near as dull: Shad is a wonderful and special experience where perspectives broaden, remarkable friendships form, and minds and hearts grow together.

Shad Valley Alumni
This site has been set up by a few enthusiastic Shad Valley Survivors who took the initiative to link together some information about Shad Valley, the ways we keep in touch, and some Survivors who have home pages on the Web.

Shad Valley at the University of British Columbia
Shad Valley at the University of Calgary
Shad Valley at Carleton University
Shad Valley at the University of Manitoba
Shad Valley at the University of New Brunswick
Shad Valley at the University of Waterloo
A number of the Shad Valley programs jumped on the bandwagon and put themselves on the World-Wide Web this year. Each site was created (at least in part) by students at the programs.

Shads on the Web
Looking for someone who went to Shad Valley? You might find them and their URL on this list.

The Magic of Shad Valley
This is a little something i wrote after getting swept up by the excitement of Shad Valley once again in the summer of 1995.

Shad Valley 95, Silicon Graphics, and Alias Research
This is a brief report on how Shad Valley teamed up with the world's leading companies in computer graphics hardware and software to bring even more excitement to six Shad campuses in 1995.

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