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MINSE is a simple, extensible way to express mathematics. Here's an example of an equation you might like to convey:
'deriv(f(x), x) = 'lim((f(x+h)-f(x))/h, h->0)

Write that one expression in one of your documents, and people who visit with a text-based browser will see:

  d                 f(x + h) - f(x)
---- f(x) =  lim   -----------------
 dx         h -> 0         h

while people visiting with a graphical browser will see:

You get both renderings for free when you supply the expression structure. It should also be possible to render out a MINSE expression to speech or to a form usable by other programs, such as Maple or TEX, because the meaning of the expression is preserved.

This makes mathematics more accessible than ever before.

The prototype polymediator is currently operational. The script is located at

Please feel free to send me your thoughts about this proposal!

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