Shad Acadia 1999

Millenium Party at Angela's!

Hi everybody! How about some party memories?

Huge huge huge thanks to Angela and her family for having all of us at their house!

Some pictures are now here. In time i will lay them out with captions, but if you are desperate you can get them now. All i have done so far is to make smaller copies of them all, and turn the upside-down ones right-side-up. The dates and times shown in the file listings are in Eastern Time and (with luck) should have been preserved correctly from the camera. Small pictures are 320 x 240; medium pictures are 640 x 480; large pictures are 1600 x 1200. Movies are 15 seconds long at 320 x 240.

Here are all 140 pictures on one page (not for the weak-at-heart or the slow-at-downloading!).

Okay, here they are in batches of 35. One. Two. Three. Four.

Say what?

I remember when said,

Memorable moments

I remember when...

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