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The co-ordinator of this project, Ka-Ping Yee, would like to thank the following people:

I would also like to apologize to Shad Valley Acadia and Shad Valley New Brunswick, the two programs which were not able to receive machines. I'd like to thank Alice Cassidy, Gordon Fick, Mark Evans, Ed Jernigan, Juan Salinas, Martin Brouillette, Joy Mighty, Vincent Leung, Tom Keenan, and Angela Francoeur for working with me so helpfully on this project to get the machines to the campuses. I thank Dean Kriellaars, Joshua Lamorie, Jason Harrison, Paul McKone, Bernie Roehl, Alan Hawrylyshen, and any others who ran workshops or were involved with this project, for making this worthwhile by getting Shads on the machines and using the software to enhance the Shad Valley experience. And finally, of course, i have to thank the Shads themselves, for being the point of this whole thing and making it all so much fun.

It's my hope that with this experience, we'll be able to run things more smoothly and achieve even greater things next year. Alas, if my plans for an exchange program proceed, i will not be in the country next summer. Best of luck to all in '96!

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