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8 May: Ron Champion requests a co-ordinator to orchestrate the lending of Indy machines from Silicon Graphics and software from Alias Research to Shad Valley programs.

18 May: Ping posts initial message announcing the agreement, asking programs about available people and workshop possibilities.

19 May: Gordon Fick (Calgary) and Ed Jernigan (Waterloo) respond.

25 May: Contact at Silicon Graphics is found: Tom Rowe.

29 May: Ping requests specifics of offers from Tom Rowe and Dave Black (Silicon Graphics) and Andy Jones (Alias Research).

30 May: Alias responds with questions.

31 May: Ping requests responses from other six programs. Juan Salinas (Carleton) and Alice Cassidy (BC) respond. Silicon Graphics responds with questions about hardware; reluctant to give support; suggests other sources for software.

1 June: Mark Evans (Manitoba) responds. Ping cons Bernie Roehl into doing a seminar at Shad Waterloo.

5 June: Ping answers questions from Carleton, BC, Silicon Graphics, Manitoba.

6 June: First precise request arrives from Juan Salinas (Carleton) for two Indys and four software licenses. Tom Keenan (Calgary) sends shipping information.

6 June: Ping sends request summaries to SGI and Alias (Carleton and Calgary with complete info; Waterloo, Manitoba, and BC with only contacts), choosing to request Alias Studio/PowerAnimator; asks specifically for CD-ROM drives on Indys. Ping prods UNB, Acadia and Sherbrooke for responses.

7 June: Martin Brouillette (Sherbrooke) responds, unsure of applicability. Shipping details arrive from Juan Salinas (Carleton). Jon Barry (Alias) limits Assist support to one contact per site.

8 June: Ed Jernigan (Waterloo) requests two Indys, and supplies shipping details. Alice Cassidy (UBC) supplies shipping details.

9 June: Shipping details arrive from Martin Brouillette (Sherbrooke). Dean Kriellaars (Manitoba) requests two machines.

14 June: Alice Cassidy (UBC) reports paperwork received and sent for Alias.

15 June: Martin Brouillette (Sherbrooke) reports paperwork completed for Alias.

16 June: Dean Kriellaars (Manitoba) supplies shipping details.

16 June: Ping discovers that SGI fiscal year ends June 30; Ron confirms that SGI equipment will come only from branch managers and sufficient machines may not be available.

20 June: Angela Francoeur (UNB) responds.

22 June: Update with complete information for Waterloo, UBC, Manitoba, Calgary, and Sherbrooke is sent. Ping requests CD-ROM drives, 24-bit graphics, and IndyCams.

23 June: Angela Francoeur (UNB) and Vincent Leung (Acadia) send shipping details. Update with complete information for all eight programs is sent.

26 June: Heather Edwards (SGI) obtains six Indy machines, but reports "no possible way" to find any more. Machines are on their way to the first six programs supplying complete shipping information: Waterloo (Ed Jernigan), UBC (Alice Cassidy), Manitoba (Dean Kriellaars), Calgary (Tom Keenan), Sherbrooke (Martin Brouillette), and Carleton (Juan Salinas). CD-ROM and 24-bit graphics are confirmed.

27 June: Jon Barry (Alias) reports paperwork sent to Waterloo, UBC, Calgary, Sherbrooke, and Carleton.

4 July: Arrival of Indy reported at Calgary.

6 July: Arrival of Indy reported at Waterloo.

7 July: Alias has been shipped to all campuses, but not all have reported its arrival yet.

12 July: Arrival of Alias reported at Calgary.

13 July: Arrival of Indy reported at BC.

1 Aug: Ping inquires about return of machines and software boxes to SGI and Alias.

2 Aug: Jon Barry (Alias) says "Keep 'em!"

9 Aug: Complete SGI return shipping information is received from Heather Edwards and sent to all programs.

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